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Compensation Plan

The MFA Direct Marketing Plan is designed to provide excellent incentives to any person willing to put in efforts to sell the products of the Company.

To be a part of the MFA Direct Marketing Plan, just fill an online form and join our family. The same will entitle you to sell the products of the Company and earn incentives for the same too. Each person joining the Company is known as an Independent Representative.

A person who joins as an Independent Representative in the marketing plan of MFA is eligible for earning incomes through the marketing plan of the Company. Every IR within the company has the opportunity to purchase product at wholesale price and either sell them at retail price or consume them personally. After using the products and feeling satisfied with quality and concept IR can share business opportunity with other people and can sponsor others. Sponsoring other people, you can also begin building a substantial IR associate organization and earn commission from certain retail customers in your referral line. By passing your sales and marketing knowledge to your developing team, IR can not only build own business network but also enable others to build of their own team. This way they will also start using the products and so on. Thus the company does not require any advertisement or middlemen for selling its products. The amount saved will be distributed between you and the people who associate to the company because of you.

By following way you can get Income in MFA Direct Repurchase Plan:-
1. Purchases for self requirement.
2. Purchases by your down liners.
3. Retailing by you or your down liners.

In this concept a registered IR can get repurchase incentive as following plan.

Terms used in the Repurchase plan :-

DP The price at which the product is available to the IR of MFA.
PV Point value of the product which will be the basis of the calculation in the marketing plan. Each PV is equal to 1 Rs in India. Please check the PV rate in your respective country.
GV The sum total of PV in your group/network including your personal purchase as calculated in your unlimited depth. GV is used for calculation of all incomes in the Compensation Plan. 90% of the GV is allocated towards calculation of Incomes B, C, D, E, F and G and 10% of GV is allocated towards calculation of Income H as explained below. PLEASE NOTE : GV Allocation is for the purposes of incentive calculation ONLY and the complete GV done will be counted towards rank promotions and royalty condition calculations.
PPV The PV of the personal purchase required at each differential level in the Repurchase plan.
CV The total PV of the sales done in the Company in each calendar month as allocated according to GV allocation above for the purposes of incentive calculations.
MPV The matched PV on the purchase of products in your network. The PV to be counted is as per the GV allocation given above as per which 10% of the GV is allocated towards this income calculation.
PLATOON Platoon means the network of people in your downline in those legs which are at promotion levels below your level.

Calculation of Commission/Incentives:

Retail Bonus (Self Purchase) Up to 17% on MRP
Team Matching Bonus (Dynamic Compression On Level) 100% of the Performance Bonus distributed in 15 compressed levels
Lifestyle Royalty Bonus 20% of the PV distributed in senior levels
Travel Fund 3% of the CPV kept aside for international and national trips of leaders.
Fast Track MD Bonus 3% of the CPV is kept aside for trainings of MD level and above.
CMD Infinity Club Upto 14% of GPV can be earned on infinite levels in your network on qualifying for this income.
MPV Income Income based on PV matched in your network.

A. Retail Bonus (Self Purchase)

Buy any product of MFA at wholesale price and you receive the difference between the retail and wholesale price (Up to 17% commission) of the product.

Sr. No Product MRP
1 CMD 60 ml 1658/-
2 CMD 120 ml 3310/-
3 CMD 240 ml 6600/-
4 ItsPro+ for all 799/-
5 ItsPro+ for Women 799/-
6 ItsPro+ for Kids 799/-
7 ItsHoney Natural Honey 850/-
8 Its Kidney care 696/-
9 Its Power 1245/-
10 Its Bone & Joint 696/-
11 Its LivoCare 796/-
12 Its Dia-Care 796/-
13 Its CalMagD 350/-
14 Its Hi-Fiber 833/-
15 Kayasense Beauty Cream Soap(Pack of 3) 189/-
16 Kayasense Face Wash 199/-
17 Kayasense Multi-purpose Face Cream 199/-
18 Kayasense Face Scrub 199/-
19 Dentalsense Toothpaste 135/-
20 Its Vetpro 449/-
21 BioWash 349/-
22 Its Flaxseed Oil 525/-
23 Kayasense Pain Relief Gel 170/-
24 Kayasense Sunscreen Gel 249/-
25 Kayasense Anti-Ageing Cream 249/-
26 Kayasense Foot Cream 99/-
27 Biospringa 849/-
28 Hairsense 7-in-1 Hair Oil 430/-
29 Kayasense Shave Gel 149/-
30 Sport-E 899/-
31 Its HeartCare 849/-
32 Its Dtox 349/-
33 Its Booster 849/-
34 Its Champ 799/-
35 Its Sol 799/-
36 ItsSEED-Pro 699/-
37 GOionic Alkaline Water Ionizer (5 Plates Model) 1,30,359/-
38 GOionic Alkaline Water Ionizer (7 Plates Model) 1,62,360/-

*Company reserves the right to levy Handling & Courier charges, where required. MRP is indicative only as certain local taxes and levies can be charged extra.

B. Performance Bonus (On allocated GV)
On purchase of products by you & your downline a member gets incentive by differential method according to the following table. Company provides the performance incentives starting from 5% to 30% according to your current month allocated Group volume (GV). You can increase your group volume by sponsoring more direct member in your direct downline tree. Performance Bonus incentive is calculated and paid out on current payout total Group Volume (GV) according to following chart.

Level Designation Promotion Criteria (On total GV basis) Alternate Criteria Slab PPV
1 Distributor - - 5% 200
2 Business Distributor 1500 - 10% 250
3 Advisory Distributor 5000 - 15% 250
4 Management Counselor Distributor 10000 - 18% 500
5 Direct Distributor 25000 - 21% 500
6 Master Distributor 50000 - 24% 1000
7 Gold Master Distributor 180000 6 MDs in different legs 26% 1000
8 Super Master Distributor 500000 3 GMDs in different legs 28% 1500
9 Crown Master Distributor 2000000 3 SMDs in different legs 30% 1500

Fast Track MD Program

You can understand by following hypothetical example: For this example we are considering that the figures below indicate 90% allocated GV.

Downline Business

Group A Total group purchase in your 1st direct: 45,000
Group B Total group purchase in your 2nd direct: 250,000
Group C Total group purchase in your 3rd direct: 200,000
Group D Total group purchase in your 4th direct: 20,000
Self Repurchase: 5,000

Total Group Business

Your total Group Business: 520,000
Your Percentage Slab: 28%
Total Group Incentive: 520,000 X 28% = 145,600

Group A: Incentive

On the basis of 45,000/- repurchase: 45,000 X 21%= 9,450

Group B: Incentive

On the basis of 250,000/- repurchase: 250,000 X 26%= 65,000

Group C : Incentive (Group C not met additional criteria)

On the basis of 200,000/- repurchase: 200,000 X 24%= 48,000

Group D: Incentive

On the basis of 270,000/- repurchase: 20,000 X 18%= 3600

So, deducting the group commissions paid from the total incentive to be be paid we can arrive at your net commission as under :

Total Commission to be paid: Rs. 145600/-
Less : Group Commissions
Group A Rs.9450/-
Group B Rs.65000/-
Group C Rs.48000/-
Group D Rs.3600/-
Your Net Commission
Which includes Your personal Repurchase incentive
5000 X 28% = Rs. 1,400/-

C. Team Matching Bonus (On Level)
This matching bonus calculated & paid out on the basis of Performance Bonus earned by your 15 level downline. This is an addition income with Performance bonus. MD level & above have to be royalty qualified to be eligible for Team Matching Bonus.

Levels/Generation BD(%) AD (%) MCD (%) DD (%)
MD(%) GMD (%) SMD (%) CMD (%)
1 10 10 10 10 10 10 10 10
2 7 7 7 7 7 7 7 7
3   7 7 7 7 7 7 7
4     7 7 7 7 7 7
5       7 7 7 7 7
6         5 5 5 5
7         5 5 5 5
8         5 5 5 5
9           5 5 5
10           5 5 5
11           5 5 5
12             5 5
13             7 7
14               10
15               10

D. Lifestyle Royalty Bonus
Lifestyle Royalty Bonus for advanced Executive ranks incentive. As you help others in your organization to become successful leaders and qualify pool, you are rewarded again through the royalty bonus, on the basis of company’s turnover (CV) in a payout. 20% of the allocated CV has been kept aside and is shared among the achievers at the respective levels as below :

Designation Royalty % Further Criteria
MD 7 Min. 25000 PV from platoon
GMD 6 Min. 50000 PV from platoon
SMD 4 Min. 100000 PV from platoon
CMD and above 3 Min. 200000 PV from platoon

Lifestyle royalty bonus incentive is paid out every month to the eligible IR according to the chart above based on the current month CV.

Complete GV done in platoon shall be counted for the purposes of platoon calculation.

If GMD and above create same or higher levels under them the platoon conditions will be reduced according to the following chart :

CMD 3+ 25%

E. Travel Fund
3% of the allocated CV per month is kept aside and is accumulated in the accounts of each achiever to be utilized for domestic and international trips of the achievers. You have to be royalty qualified as above to earn this income.

Designation Share in the pool
MD 1 share for each achiever
GMD 2 share for each achiever
SMD 3 share for each achiever
CMD 4 share for each achiever

F. Fast Track MD Bonus
3% of Company CV is kept aside for distributors becoming Fast Track MD within 30 days of their activation. All such distributors who achieve the rank of MD will receive a share of this Bonus Pool equally.

For Eg: You activate your ID on 10th May 2019. Now you have time till 9th June 2019 to become MD.

Lets say you become MD on 9th June 2019.

Total PV of the Company in June 2019 1,50,00,000 PV
Total Fund allocated towards this bonus 3% of 1,50,00,000 i.e. 4,50,000 Rs.
Total achievers of Fast Track MD Bonus 50
Each such Fast Track MD gets Rs. 9000 as Fast Track MD Bonus

PLEASE NOTE : Only frontline MDs will be counted for this income. Pushed up MDs are not eligible for this income unless they have done 60000 PV from different leg/s in the same month. This is a one time bonus, payable only for the incentive month in which a distributor becomes Fast Track MD.

G. CMD Infinity Club
You can earn upto 14% of your network’s allocated PV as income by qualifying for the CMD Infinity Club. The qualification and income is as under:

Level Qualification Income %
CMD Applicable from next month 3% of GPV
Silver CMD CMD with 1 leg as CMD 6% of GPV
Gold CMD CMD with 2 leg as CMD 8% of GPV
Diamond CMD CMD with 3 leg as CMD 10% of GPV
Blue Diamond CMD CMD with 4 leg as CMD 12% of GPV
Black Diamond CMD CMD with 5 leg as CMD 14% of GPV

This income works on differential basis. For example a Silver CMD promotes under a Silver CMD, the income of the upline Silver CMD from that downline Silver CMD leg will be 0. And if a Silver CMD promotes under a Gold CMD, the income of Gold CMD from the Silver CMD leg shall be 8%-6% i.e. 2% and on the other legs shall be 8% of GPV.

H.  MPV Income – Matching PV Income

Out of the total Group Volume of your network, 10% of the same is allocated for this income.

As you build your network and people start purchasing in your network, you make the Matched PV (MPV) Income on the basis of the matched allocated PV in your strength and payout legs.

As 4000 allocated PV is matched you will earn 15% of 4000+4000 i.e. 8000 = 1200 MPV as incentives. (MPV for the first payout will be calculated when matching is done for 2000:4000 allocated PV or vice versa).
The balance allocated PV of your strength leg i.e. 6000 PV is carried forward to next payout period and can be matched in the future payouts.

To qualify for this income, you should have made personal purchase as per your rank in the previous month to get income for all the weeks in the current month. This condition is not applicable for the first month of your joining. The maximum payout that can be earned from matching Activation PV is 250000 MPV

1 MPV = RS. 1 for India. The Company reserves the right to reduce the value of MPV in any payout period at the sole discretion of the Company. The MPV value can vary from one payout period to another. The allocated PV for this income cannot be counted for any other income of the marketing plan. This income will be calculated weekly on Wednesday at 12 midnight (IST)




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