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Consistency Rewards

Scratch Card based consistency rewards

Scratch Card based Consistency Rewards (w.e.f Ist May 2018)

You will get scratch cards on the basis of your average purchase over 6 months for example:

MONTH 1st Month 2nd Month 3rd Month 4th Month 5th Month 6th Month
PURCHASE 3000 PV 4500 PV 4000 PV 3800 PV 4700 PV 4000 PV

Thus, your total purchase in 6 months is 24000 PV averaging to 24000/6 = 4000 PV. So, you will get 4 scratch cards i.e. 4 chances to win the undermentioned awards.

Win any of the following rewards with the scratch cards:

(Guaranteed Reward)

Products worth 1000 PV

Smart Phones

Led TVs

Gold Coins


And Much More

Terms & conditions :

  • To qualify for consistency reward purchase should be done on or before 10th of every month.
  • Purchases by an inactive distributor resulting in the ID's activation will not be counted for consistency rewards purpose.
  • To be counted for consistency reward, purchase of minimum 1000 PV should be done in one invoice. Purchases of less than 1000 PV will not be counted for consistency reward and neither be counted towards the averaging of 6 months for calculation purposes.
  • You can take any products worth 1000 PV for every win on the scratch card along with your 7th month purchase. 1000 PV products are not given if you win any other reward in the scratch card.
  • Other rewards will not be converted into cash under any circumstances.
  • Once you complete 1 cycle of 6 months, you can start a new cycle from the 7th month onwards.
  • In case you do not purchase in one particular month, the cycle is reset and you need to start afresh from the next month.
  • A new distributor i.e. a distributor joining and activating in that month can start his consistency cycle by purchasing till the 30th/31st of that month. That will be counted as the first month for his consistency cycle.


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