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Fruit & Vegetable Wash

  • To increase the yield of fruits and vegetables, farmers use pesticides, fertilizers and other harmful chemicals in raising these fruits and vegetables.
  • Waxes, preservatives and artificial colours are also used by farmers and fruits & vegetable sellers, to make these fruits and vegetables look fresh and healthy.
  • Keeping all this in mind, Homesense presents to you “Bio Wash”- Fruit and vegetable wash.
  • It ensures you the benefits of fruits and vegetables by removing off pesticides, germs & bacteria, dirt & dust, other harmful chemicals, waxes and preservatives that are found in these fresh looking fruits and vegetables.
  • So do not believe in chemical-laden fruits and vegetables, instead use “Bio Wash” to wash off all these impurities and you will get health promoter fruits and vegetables.

Use Biowash to make your vegetables & fruits safer to consume.

350 ml
Rs. 349

Regular usage of Biowash may help in–

  • It helps in washing off Pesticides.
  • It helps in removing harmful Germs & Bacteria.
  • It helps in removing Dirt & Dust.
  • It helps in washing off Chemicals.
  • It helps in washing off Waxes & Preservatives

It helps in removing harmful Artificial Colours, sprayed on fruits and vegetables for giving fresh look.

Biowash is prepared by following premium-quality food-grade ingredients –

Sodium Oleate, Salts of Carbonate, Non-ionic Surfactant (AE), Salts of Citrate, Ethanol, Citric Acid, Natural Food Grade Perfume & Water.

How to use Biowash

Biowash can be used in   5 easy steps-

Step 1- Biowash Mix 10 ml of Biowash in 500 ml of plain water.
Step 2- Biowash Soak the fruits/vegetables in the prepared solution for 1 minute.
Step 3- Biowash Rub individual pieces thoroughly with hand dipped within the solution.
Step 4- Biowash Transfer the soaked fruits/vegetables into strainer.
Step 5- Biowash Wash thoroughly under running tap or clean water.

A few things to keep in mind -

  • Do not mix with any other house hold cleaner.
  • Wash uncut vegetables and fruits without peeling before use.
  • Should not be used if vegetable or fruits are rotten or outer skin is pierced.
  • Not suitable for porous vegetables like mushroom.
  • Rinse well with water after washing with Homesense Biowash.
  • Store it away from the reach of children and avoid direct contact with eyes.

Use daily to wash vegetables & fruits before consuming them to prevent diseases caused by surface contaminants.

1.Why Biowash?

  • Bio Wash is more effective than water washing, since it can remove more microbial load from the vegetables and fruits compared to that when washed with plain water.
  • Based on tests from various reputed laboratories, Bio Wash is safe for its intended human use and is safe for washing of un-cut fruits and vegetables.
  • Bio Wash is tested and certified by various reputed laboratories.


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