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Dentalsense Toothpaste


Dentalsense Toothpaste  with Premium Natural Minerals

Protects your gums

  • Good oral health not only protects the integrity of your teeth & gums but also protects your beautiful smile.
  • At Dentalsense, we recognize the power of nature‚Äôs herbs and therefore we present you Dentalsense Toothpaste that maintains your oral health & hygiene in safe and effective way.
  • Dentalsense Toothpaste is full of taste and freshness of natural herbs.
  • It gives tremendous protection against cavities and other dental & gum problems.

Dental care for life.

100 gms Tube
Rs. 135

Premium Ingredients available in Dentalsense Toothpaste is helpful in -

  • Reducing tooth decay, fight plaque and prevent gum diseases.
  • Reducing tarter and plaque.
  • Fighting germs and bacteria to keep teeth & gums healthy.
  • Fighting bad breath.

Dentalsense Toothpaste has following active ingredients:

Irimedadi Taila For complete dental care
Premium Natural Minerals Maintains enamel surface integrity
It has following 15 Premium Quality herbs
1.  Akarkara Relieves toothache and pyorrhea.
2.  Babul Strengthens gums, teeth and also reduces plaque accumulation
3.   Tomar beej Cures toothache and other dental diseases
4.   Neem Removes tooth decay and gingivitis
5.  Pudina Keeps your tongue and teeth clean naturally and beats bad breath
6.   Clove Has eugenol hence helps in curing toothache.
7.   Pippali Fights bad breath and toothache.
8.   Vajradanti It strengthens the gums.
9.   Bakul Prevents gingivitis and strengthen the gums.
10.   Vaividang Prevents mouth ulcers
11.   Yashti Helps reducing gum inflammation and prevents mouth ulcers
12.   Meswak Has antibacterial properties thus helps in preventing cavities.
13.   Majuphal Helps to prevent oral ulcers and gingivitis
14.   Khadir Useful in preventing mouth ulcers.
15.   Lodhra It maintains oral hygiene

How to Apply Dentalsense Toothpaste

  • Take a small amount of Dentalsense toothpaste on your toothbrush .
  • Brush inside & outside of each tooth, using back and forth as well as up and down gentle strokes.
  • Keep brushing for 2-3 minutes.
  • Rinse completely with water.

1. Why to choose Dentalsense Toothpaste?

  • Enriched with premium natural minerals.
  • Laden with high quality herbs.
  • Free from toxic substances.
  • It can be used by kids.
  • Offers a burst of exotic flavors and a clean feeling like never before.

2. Who should use Dentalsense Toothpaste?

  • Every person for complete dental hygiene.
  • Everyone who has dental problems.
  • People struggling with foul breath.


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