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GOionic Water Ionizer


GOionic Water Ionizer  Taste of purity worth trusting

  • In today’s hectic and fast-paced world, most people often overlook the importance of a healthy nutrition, including the pH level of their food and water. A pH level is defined as the measure of acidity and alkalinity of a liquid. Keeping that in mind, MFADirect has Introduced an efficient solution for you, GOionic – Water Ionizer.

GOionic is highly effective in producing alkaline water that may help in restoring the body’s pH balance and making your water tastier and fit to drink, while reducing the risk of several cardiovascular, inflammatory, skin and weight issues. It can also produce acidic water that may help in making your hair softer, shinier and easy to manage. As acidic water works more effectively on germs, it could also be helpful in cleaning kitchen utensils, like knives, cutting boards and towels etc.
GOionic is an ultra premium high effeciency product imported from Korea that passes all required international quality tests and certifications.

Type Price
5 Plates Model Rs. 1,18,000/- (Including GST)
7 Plates Model Rs. 1,47,500/-(Including GST)

Potential Benefits of GOionic Water Ionizer

  • Helps restore the pH balance of the body
  • Helps in improving cellular hydration
  • Helps in filtering toxins and harmful chemicals from water
  • Helps in prevention of harmful disorders
  • Helps in absorption of nutrients
  • Helps in increasing oxygen levels in the blood
  • Helps in increasing physical energy and mental alertness
  • Helps in reducing weight
  • Helps in improving the appearance of the skin
  • Helps in removing germs from utensils and floor
  • Helps in effective stain removal and washing of clothes
  • Helps in maintaining overall hygiene of the body

The GOionic water ionizer comes in two models

  • "GOionic 5" with 5 platinum coated titanium plates
  • "GOionic 7" with 7 platinum coated titanium plates

These plates send positive DC voltage for alkaline water and negative voltage for acidic water. The electrolysis plates will be 0.5 micron platinum coated Titanium plates each of size 125 mm x 60 mm.

GOionic- Water Ionizer can be used to produce water at different pH levels, mainly three,

  • alkaline
  • acidic and
  • filtered.

A: The main use of this water ionizer is to produce alkaline water, (pH>7) which can be used for the following things:

  • Drinking (Low to medium Alkaline)
  • Cleaning things (High Alkaline)
  • Illnesses (Low Alkaline)

B: This water ionizer can also produce filtered water, which is referred to as neutral water (pH=7). This water is used in special conditions:

  • Infants and Toddlers
  • People on medications

C: Lastly, another major use of this water ionizer is to produce acidic water (pH<7), which can be used in the following circumstances:

  • Hair Rinsing
  • Skin Conditioner
  • Healthy Coolant
  • Laundry
  • Cleaning kitchen utensils
  • Plants


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