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Its Booster


Its Booster  

Its-Booster is a concentrated, comprehensive Plant Growth Regulator (PGR) in the liquid form. A PGR may be defined as any organic compounds that are active at low concentrations in promoting, inhibiting or modifying growth and development of a plant. In simple words, it helps in controlling growth and other physiological functions and helps the plant to grow in its critical stages, thus, improves the quality and yield of crops and promote the overall development of a plant.

250 ml
Rs. 849
  • Enhances seed germination.
  • Promotes healthy root system.
  • Increases yield/produce.
  • Stronger resistance to diseases.
  • Helps in rapid root and shoot development.
  • Stimulates soil microbial activities.
  • Promotes root mass.
  • Improves blossom and fruit set.
  • Promotes photosynthesis.
  • Helps plants to endure environmental stress.
Importance of Ingredients
Amino acids
  • Increase chlorophyll production and tissue formation, provide a rich source of organic nitrogen, stimulate synthesis of vitamins, Influence various enzymatic systems, flowering is stimulated, better fruit setting, higher nutritional content, size, flavour, and coloration of fruits.
Plant Hormones
  • Help in formation of leaves, flowers, stems, fruit, colour of fruits and leaves.
  • Promotes Apical dominance (end point of the shoot or topmost point of the shoot), induces cell division and cell growth, improves synthesis and translocation of photosynthesis, induces root initiation, breaks dormancy of seeds and buds, induces flowering and fruit growth.
Chelating Agents
  • Enhance the availability and uptake of nutrients
  • Overcoming seed dormancy, delay senescence (aging or maturity) parthenocarpy, improves nitrogen metabolism, chlorophyll synthesis.
Betaine and oligomeric
  • Protect the plants from stress.
  • Help the plant to cope up with biotic and abiotic stresses like pathogens and osmotic stress or salt stress.

Its-Booster is a concentrate, which is made from 100% pure organic green Kelp and Ecklonia Maxima, which is of the highest quality. This Kelp is a natural source of over 70 minerals, 17 amino acids, 4 plant hormones, auxins, chelating agents and complex sugars like cytokinins, oligomeric, alginate potassium, betaine, mannitol, polysaccharide, iodine, microelement and alginic polyphenol.

How to use it?

Application Vegetable crop Horticulture
Foliar spray 1 to 1.5 ml/ltr. 2ml/ltr.
Drip Irrigation 1ltr/acre 2ltr/acre

Pack size:- 250 ml

Dosage:- 250 ml per acre

1. Why we must use Its Booster?

  • It would make the plant healthy and productive at all growth stages.
  • Increases the yield.
  • It is made up of 100% organic green Kelp and Ecklonia Maxima the plant to attain its maximum yield.


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