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Its Champ


Its Champ  

Its-Champ is a spreader/sticker. it is a kind of spray adjuvant. Spray adjuvants are known to increase the effectiveness of pesticides and fertilizers.

Its formulation is unique as it has neem as its key ingredient, which is known from ages for its antibacterial, antifeedant and antifungal properties, which gives the plant all round protection and care.

1 Ltr
Rs. 799
  • It is essentially non-phytotoxic even at a higher concentration.
  • With low vapour pressure, it reduces the evaporation losses of pesticides.
  • It reduces pesticides photodecomposition.
  • It gives added natural benefits of neem compounds to plants.
  • It enhances the activity of fungicides and insecticides
  • It is compatible with all commonly used insecticides, acaricides and Fungicides
  • While other wetting agents are derived from fossil reserves and chemicals, Its-CHAMP is extracted from natural crops, which are a renewable source.
  • Its translaminar action on the many plant’s leaf surface helps in improving efficiency of pesticides with faster absorption and translocation.
  • It improves the efficiency of pesticides by uniform and better coverage on leaves and economizes the use of pesticides by avoiding wastage.
  • Helps for fast uptake of agrochemicals in shorter span of time.
Importance of Ingredients
  • Neem contains Azadirachtin which is a complex limonoid from the neem seeds and is the main component responsible for both anti-feedant and toxic effects in insects. Other limonoid and sulphur-containing compound with repellent, antiseptic, contraceptive, antipyretic and antiparasitic properties are found elsewhere in the tree, e.g. leaves, flowers, bark, roots. Neem is known to control various fungus and insects.
  • (Organo-Silicone) Reduces surface tension, increases spreading ability, and improves rain fastness (amount of time between pesticide application and rainfall).

Properties of Its-CHAMP

  • Being oil-based Its-Champ is more stable, less volatile and does not break down as quickly as those mixed with water do.
  • With lesser surface tension, it enables free flow of spray liquid by allowing droplets to stretch out on the target surface, thereby giving better coverage.
  • It holds spray fluid for the longest period on leaves and plant surface.
  • Being biological, it does not leave any residue on the leaf surface.

Its-CHAMP is made up of Neem compounds, contains emulsifiers, a blend of ionic and non-ionic sticker, spreaders and adjuvants

How to use it?

Prepare the pesticide that requires to be sprayed and then add required quantity of Its-CHAMP as per above dosage. Ensure that the entire solution is mixed properly to get a homogeneous solution before spraying.

Pack size:- 1 ltr

Dosage:- Its-CHAMP must be diluted @ 250 ml-500 ml/200 ltr of water.

1. Why we must use Its CHAMP?

  • It increases the effectiveness of pesticides, fertilizers and other macro and micro nutrients.
  • Its main component is neem which is known for its antifeedant and toxic effects on insects.
  • It is extracted from natural crops, which are a renewable source.
  • It helps in fast uptake of agrochemicals in shorter span of time.


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