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Its Livo-Care


Its Livo-Care  Capsules

(To strengthen Liver’s Health)

  • Liver is the Largest Internal Organ of the body and is very important for overall health.
  • It plays an important role in -
    • Digestion
    • Metabolism
    • Blood production
    • Removal of toxins
  • Liver also stores iron, copper, Vitamin D, A and B12.
  • The best way to keep your Liver in good health is to turn to ayurvedic herbal products that are time tested and proven.
  • These herbs may also help in repairing damaged or weakened Liver.

60 caps
Rs. 796

Potential Benefits of Its Livo-Care capsules

Herbs present in Its Livo-Care capsules-

  • Are known for their beneficial effects on the liver.
  • May help in maintaining healthy functioning of the liver.
  • May help in improving weakened liver's health.
  • May be helpful in recovering from jaundice and loss of appetite.

Ingredients of Its Livo-Care capsules

Its Livo-Care capsules is a combination of following 12 ayurvedic herbs-

1.  Kutki 2.   Makoy
3.   Kasmarada 4.   Biranjasipha
5.  Sharpunkha 6.  Punarnava
7.  Kalmegh 8.  Bhui Amla
9.  Revandchini 10.  Kaasni
11. Daruharidra 12.  Guduchi

Dosage of Its Livo-Care capsules

Healthy People: 2 Capsules daily (to keep liver healthy)
In people suffering from any Liver problem : 2-4 Capsules daily (for healthy recovery)

How to Use Its Livo-Care capsules

  • Take 1-2 capsules with a glass of water once or twice daily.
  • Always have a difference of at least 30 minutes with meals.

To enhance the effects of ITS LIVO CARE capsules

Preferred things during the intake of Its Livo-Care capsules

DIET: Should be light, nutritious, take plenty of water and green leafy vegetables.
Lifestyle Adequate rest, mild exercise, proper sleep pattern.

Things to be avoided during the intake of Its Livo-Care capsules

DIET: Avoid oily and spicy foods, avoid too much of salt, avoid fast foods, avoid fine flour, avoid fish, avoid dry and heavy diet, avoid over eating and avoid skipping meals.
Lifestyle Avoid excessive sleeping, avoid strenuous physical activity, avoid suppression of natural urges and avoid stress.

1. Why Its Livo-Care capsules?

  • Health of our liver is always at risk because of -
    • Poor diet habits.
    • Poor lifestyle.
    • Pollution.
    • Contaminated water.
    • Poor sleep.
    • Too much of Stress.
    • Low Immunity.
    • Alcohol- Smoking- Tobacco.
    • Many of us are having Diabetes, High Blood Pressure and Obesity.
    • Medicines overuse.
    • Infections.
  • Maintaining healthy liver is the key for a healthy life.

2. Who Should Take Its Livo-Care capsules?

  • All healthy people can take Its Livo-Care capsules each day to keep their liver healthy.
  • People who are recovering from any liver disease can take Its Livo-Care capsules for better recovery.
  • Alcoholics can ensure good health of their Liver by consuming Its Livo-Care capsules every day.


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