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ItsSEED-Pro (ISP)  

Its-SEED-Pro (ISP) is a BGA (Blue Green Algae) Bio fertilizer for seed treatment. A variety of factors can make or break a plant’s ability to successfully emerge and overcome environmental stresses. That is why much of the seeds used today are treated with coatings and stimulants to give plants an early advantage.

Basic seed treatment is done at a seed manufacturer’s level where a coating of insecticides, herbicides and fungicides is done to safeguard against pests.

However, the more advanced nutrient coating is required to be incorporated at a genetic level to help seeds in adapting to stress and shock at all crucial early stages of growth.

The ingredients in this product are based on Green Chemistry and Bio-mimetic Nano materials which are used in chelation process.

50 ml
Rs. 699
  • Naturally increase seed germination
  • Early seed germinations, emergence and better stand.
  • Better nodulation
  • Better nitrogen use efficiency and preservation & yield.
  • Faster speed of emergence
  • Improves uniformity to optimize harvesting efficiency
  • Increases vigour for fast and strong plant development
  • Increases yield potential.
  • Prevents spread of plant diseases.
  • Controls soil insects.
Importance of Ingredients
Blue Green Algae:
  • The blue-green algae is often referred to as Cyanobacteria or Cyanophyta, it fixes nitrogen from the atmosphere and help in plant growth and development, it provides plants with vitamins, amino acids, plant growth hormones, macro and micro nutrients which help the seeds in better germination.
Bio Stimulants
  • faster plant growth and development throughout the crop life cycle from seed germination to plant maturity. It helps in better root germination and root development, more efficient energy and nutrient uptake and transport, greater vigour and stress resistance, higher crop quality and yield.
Plant hormones
  • Its Seed-Pro is rich in natural plant hormones that has been systemically designed to provide measurable benefits around germination, root growth, seedling vigour, stress resistance and yield. Increases nutrient uptake by seeds. These include:-
      Description Physiological functions
      1) Auxins
      • It plays a crucial role in the growth of a plant.
      • Site of formation:- Shoot apices, leaf and developing seeds.
      • Promotes Apical dominance (end point of the shoot or topmost point of the shoot)
      • Induces cell division and cell growth
      • Improves synthesis and translocation of photosynthesis
      • Induces root initiation
      • Breaks dormancy of seeds and buds
      • Induces flowering and fruiting growth
      2) Gibberellins
      • Site of formation: - Root tips and developing seeds
      • Prevent physiological and genetic dwarfism
      • Induces flowering
      • Shoot elongation
      • Increases flower and fruit set
      • Breaks dormancy of the seed and bud
      • Induces parthenocarpy in fruits and vegetables
      3) Cytokinins :
      • Site of formation: - All cells
      • Overcoming seed dormancy
      • Delay senescence (Aging or maturity)
      • Parthenocarpy
      • Improves nitrogen metabolism
      • Chlorophyll synthesis
      4) Abscisic acid
      • It is a plant growth inhibitor.
      • Site of formation: - Roots, leaves, stems, buds, fruits and seeds.
      • Induces bud dormancy
      • Delay germination
      • Inhibit growth process in plants when not required
      4) Ethylene
      • It is highly useful in inducing fruit ripening.
      • Breaking dormancy
      • Increases ripening of fruits
      • Induces abscission of leaves
Seed priming
  • helps to build vigorous root system. During priming, nutrients are taken up by the seed. When such primed seeds are sown, the elevated nutrients help early germination of the growing embryo through nutrient mobilization.
    • Enhances germination
    • Stronger root growth
    • Reduced transpiration
    • Increases performance under stress
    • Increased nutrient uptake, mobilization and absorption
    • Increases water use efficiency
    • Improved efficacy regardless soil pH.
  • Blue Green Algae
  • Bio stimulants – 240 ppm
  • Natural Plant hormones 2.4%
  • Proprietary seed primer concentrate – 24%
  • Proprietary Bactericide formula – 1%
  • Water, Solvents, Emulsifiers - qs

How to use it?

50 ml Its-SEED-Pro (ISP) can be directly applied to the seeds required for an acre, or it can be diluted in water and seeds can be soaked in this solution.

As seed dresser :- 25 ml/kg of seeds
For seed soaking :– 50 ml in 5 litre water and soak 1 kg of seeds for 6-8 hours then sun dry.

Pack size:-50 ml.

1. Why we must use Its SEED Pro?

  • Made up of blue green algae that helps in plant growth and development.
  • Increases the rate of emergence of seeds, thus, increases the yield.
  • Reduces the seed wastage.


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